Class Descriptions 




An open format Hatha practice, intelligently sequenced to be challenging and dynamic, with an intense focus on alignment and accessibility for all levels. Classes are structured around a main theme and dedicate time to warming the practitioners up so they have their best shot at achieving the peak posture. There is typically time at the end of each class to work on inversions with the support of the teacher or wall.


Whether it’s your first yoga class, you’re craving a more laid back workout, or you simply want to focus on strengthening fundamentals—beginner is the place for you. The core elements of class will be broken down, examining alignment and form and giving you time to become comfortable with them. The basics covered in these classes will become the strong foundation of your yoga practice. 

All Level
There’s something for everyone in this class—it will be accessible enough for a beginner, but include a few more challenging options if you’re feeling bold. 

Geared towards those who have a strong grasp on the fundamentals—intermediate will introduce more challenging pose and transitions, pushing you to build stamina in your practice.

Many more advanced peak poses and transitions will be offered in this class, a rigorous flow, with fewer breaks and less time dedicated to demos. 




Translated from Sanskrit, Vinyasa means “to place in a special way.” At the Lab, our Vinyasa classes creatively link each breath and movement with that in mind. Our teachers will create a balanced mind and body by focusing class around a peak pose or muscle action. With anatomy and alignment at the foundation of every class, students will be guided and assisted through a fast paced practice with near equal amounts of strength, breath, flexibility and heart opening. Classes contain elements of Ashtanga, Prana Flow, Jivamukti, Power and other Hatha Yoga systems.

All Level

These classes contain options for beginners through advanced practitioners. Teachers will provide modifications and basic cues for newer students. Instructors will give opportunities for advanced students to challenge themselves, while rooting class in fundamental strength, stamina, flexibility and breathing concepts. Students of any level will find ways to progress in these classes.


Intermediate classes are geared toward people with a little yoga experience through advanced practitioners. Classes move at a faster pace and focus on advanced transitions, poses and breathing concepts. Assists and more advanced deepening verbal cues are used to help students find little bits of progress each class. These classes are perfect for a person looking to challenge themselves and develop a more frequent yoga practice.




While our cYoga and Vinyasa classes encourage students to use their energy to open the body and calm the mind, these classes encourage the use of gravity to stretch the connective tissue in our body.  These classes provide students with the perfect Yin and Yang should they need a break from more physically demanding classes. If you are a fan of Yin Yoga, looking to find your breath, needing recovery or a first timer this class is for you.