Our Story


The Lab Chicago is a dynamic yoga studio conveniently located in the West Loop. Catering to yogis of all shapes, sizes and abilities, The Lab offers a wide variety of classes, workshops, and trainings all within a serene lofted space.

Teachers at The Lab provide one-on-one attention and hands-on assists to aid students in creating their own practice and achieving the progress each desires when they come to class.

Founded in 2010 by Carmen Aguilar, it is home to her original style of yoga, cYoga—a dynamic, Hatha based practice, drawing from many styles of yoga; Forrest, Universal, Ashtanga, and combining their best elements with a focus on organizing poses in a highly intelligent way that gives the practitioner their best shot at achieving more advanced postures.

In 2018, The Lab changed hands from Carmen to Chris Gilmore. Chris, a long-time student and teacher, has continued the grow The Lab by expanding its schedule to include Vinyasa and Restorative styles, and opening a second studio space.

Chris and his fellow Lab instructors share a passion and dedication to the practice of yoga and to their students that is unparalleled.

Chris Gilmore—Current Owner

Chris Gilmore—Current Owner