What is cYoga? 

cYoga is an open format Hatha practice developed by Carmen Aguilar.

A practice that is intelligently sequenced to be challenging and dynamic, while remaining rooted in alignment and accessible to all levels of experience. Historically, the only style of yoga practiced at The Lab, it sets the tone for the dedicated group of yoga practitioners who frequent the studio. 



An artful blend of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, cYoga flows seamlessly from one pose to the other, allowing several breaths in each pose so practitioners can fully warm up for the progressively harder poses to come. The utmost attention is given to alignment—with thoughtful cueing to focus student’s attention on finding and maintaining ideal alignment in poses. Poses are ordered in an intelligent way to both protect students from injury and give them the best shot at achieving the peak pose. 


Each and every cYoga teacher was scrupulously trained in giving adjustments. With a large portion of cYoga teacher training dedicated to practicing adjusting with/on their follow trainees, focusing on adapting these assists to accommodate all different abilities and injuries. Students of cYoga reap the benefits of these finely honed skills in every class. 


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Peak Poses 

Each class works up to a handful of peak poses, these pose although quite challenging, are always given with several modification so that every individual practitioner can find their personal edge. They are tied to the theme of the class (backbends, hip openers, twists, splits, etc.), and all of poses leading up to the peak are designed to warm you up so you’ll have your best shot at achieving it. .


The last 15 minutes of most cYoga classes are spent at the wall, giving the practitioners an opportunity to work on their individual inversion practice. cYoga teachers will generally offer up several inversion variations (of varying levels of difficulty) for the class to try, these options will complement the main theme of the class in some way.