Upcoming Workshops 

We encourage our students to design their own unique yoga practice within our doors by providing a diverse selection of continuing education workshops in many different disciplines. Everything from adjustment and posture clinics to nutrition workshops and beyond. Taught by a mix of our own highly experienced instructors, and some of the best teachers from around the globe.


Transitions Workshop:

December 2nd, 1-3pm

Does transitioning from Crow to Scissors feel less like a controlled transition and more like a free-fall to the floor? Does Lolasana feel like more “lol” than “asana”?

Transitions are tricky; not only because they require strength, but also an understanding of the body-mechanics involved.

In this workshop, we’ll tune-in with the strength and stability needed for transitions, break down the crucial components to common transitions, and learn work-arounds for when you’re still building the strength to master them.

Taught by Nicolette Downs


Backbends Workshop:

January 27th, 1-3pm

More details coming soon.

Taught by Claire Harper