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Welcome to
The Lab Chicago

Experiment with your yoga practice 


The Lab offers high quality yoga classes facilitated by experienced teachers in a welcoming environment.

Each class is intelligently sequenced, focusing on alignment while intentionally warming the body up and creatively guiding students towards a peak pose. With a sense of playfulness, and expert hands-on adjustment, students feel supported to push the boundaries of their individual practices. 

Whether you're stepping into your first yoga class, or looking to advance your practice—The Lab has something for everyone.


Each and every class at The Lab features a unique sequence, so you’ll never get the same exact thing twice.

New Student Deals

First Time Drop-In |  $10

3 Classes | $27

 Monthly Unlimited | $60


Student Testimonials

Every class you try a peak pose. Every class you go upside-down (if you want). Every class you get some time to play around independently. The practice is as intense as you want it to be, but the tone of the class is always low-key
— Leah (student since 2010)
Classes at The Lab are never boring, always different, and always give you something challenging to work on.
— Amy (student since 2012)

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